Jorn van Hoorn


Jorn van Hoorn (1982) started painting in 1999. In the next few years he evolved from a recently graduated arts student into a cross-over artist and televisionmaker at public broadcaster BNN.

He did his first solo exhibit when he was 19 years old at Galerie Kuijpers. Soon after he followed up with other expositions abroad and in The Netherlands. Amongst these was a museal exhibit at the Van Der Togt Museum in Amstelveen.

Jorn’s unique still is laden with iconic images and people that change one’s perception on reality. He employs materials that work as a catalyst and fit with the speed of his thinking and working. Working at a breakneck pace, brushes, spatulas and hands are the weapons of choice. A whirlwind, leaving behind a trail of paint, water and graffiti. Preferably he abandons easily recognisable forms. In other work he prefers producing series about time, beauty and the evanescence. Van Hoorn won in 2018 a Street Art Award (category:Most inventive).

These galleries carry permanently work by Jorn:

Galerie Schoonheim & De Vink – Utrecht
Galerie Kunsthuys – Best
Perry Kish Fine Art – Heerlen
CNS Gallery – Zwanenburg
Gold Fish Gallery – Culemborg
Royals and Rebels – Vught




Handtekening2 small trans

"If the world is already a circus, i'm the clown. "




museum jan van der togt                                                                 amstelveen
galerie  de vink                                                                                  utrecht
art of living                                                                                         den bosh
galerie del arte                                                                                   breda
wester amstel                                                                                     amstelveen
galerie tres art                                                                                    breda
galerie Kuijpers                                                                                  kaatsheuvel
perry kish fine art                                                                              heerlen
kunsthuys                                                                                           best

Some Fun Facts

Paint tubes
Rolls of wallpaper
Complaining neighbors
Bottles of vodka




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